Composite Knit by Jenny Grant Carrol

Jenny Grant Carrol's collection of knitted textiles grew from a desire to experiment with collage, contrast and composition as she was drawn to the notion of construct and minimalism. Consequently, the variation of materials, shapes, and unusual surface qualities served as groundwork and inspiration. The resulting collection is a selection of various fabrics which encapsulate a modern look through compositional investigations, creating a collection of conceptual fabrics. The designs are reversible, gender neutral, adjustable, and customisable. creating the possibility for individuality, enabling both diversity and fluency in an environment which is constantly changing and evolving. The textures stimulate the senses whilst encouraging tactility and visual participation. The stylisation of the knitted materials, should inspire fun, creativity and the celebration of the self as well as a timelessness for slower fashion, encouraging longevity throughout the lifetime of the garment.